She’an Oil

בנאדם מוזג שמן

She’an Oil, a local olive press, is a seasonal manufactory that works a couple of months a year during the olive harvest.

She’an Oil’s management had an insight that by developing a product other than olive oil, they will be able to produce revenue during the whole year, increase productivity and streamline business

Rafi Alon – CEO of She’an Oil says:

It was clear to us that we must streamline processes and outputs and increase plant productivity. We turned to InnoValley and to Practical Innovation company in order to map, learn and think together about our benefits, our production systems, capabilities and outputs. Through a regulated thinking process of company employees, Practical Innovation and professional consultants, we have found a new product (still a secret). The intention is to produce the product with the existing means of production and with the existing staff so that the plant will be able to work all year round with maximum utilization of the means at our disposal, and thus, significantly increase the company's revenue.

The development process has already begun and we will soon be able to launch a new and unique product.

InnoValley accompanied us from the beginning of the process, starting from the connection to Practical Innovation company, characterization and guidance in applying for aid grants from the state to carry out the project. InnoValley has raised 700,000 NIS from the state so far for Shean oil’s development.

New things are happening in the valley!

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